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scrimp v : subsist on a meager allowance; "scratch and scrimp" [syn: stint, skimp]

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  1. A pinching miser; a niggard.


  1. To make too small or short; to limit or straiten; to put on short allowance; to scant; to contract; to shorten; as, to scrimp the pattern of a coat.

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  1. Short; scanty; curtailed.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

begrudge, economize, enforce economies, exiguous, famish, grudge, husband, keep within compass, live upon nothing, make ends meet, manage, pinch, pinch pennies, poor, put something aside, save, save up, scamp, scant, scanty, scrape, scrape and save, scratch, screw, scrimpy, skimp, skimpy, spare, sparse, starve, stint
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